AF ATL Members show support for Notre Dame Cathedral

The AFATL family was heartbroken after watching the iconic Notre Dame de Paris going up in flames, reminiscing on our memories of this beloved landmark. We are sending thoughts of strength and unity to the people of France, and are grateful for the brave firefighters who saved it from complete destruction.We have been overwhelmed with messages of support and solidarity from our Alliance Française community in Atlanta. Thank you for sending us your pictures and family stories, who have truly moved us.

Sophie Webster

Theo Johnson

Marla Johnson

Mindy Boswell

Nadjia Yahiaoui

Lynda Pitts and friend

Jennifer Tinker

Deborah Winegard

Brooke Oliver and mom

Jackson family

Laura Reilly and grandson

Marla and Theo Johnson IV

Mindy Boswell and Ian

Stephanie Braslavsky

Robyn Parrin and grandson


Robyn Parrin

Laura Hardin

Karine Kushnir

Jessica Steele

Irene Marxsen

Dana Joseph and husband

Marla Johnson2

by Communication | May 16, 2019 | Blog