Immerse yourself in exciting language and cultural experiences by joining the Alliance Française d’Atlanta on our trips to regions of France and the Francophone world. Our 10-day all-inclusive tours include everything – airfare, transportation, lodging, food, beverages (including wine!), excursions, and much more! These special opportunities, available exclusively to Alliance Française members, are perfect for people who enjoy traveling with a spirit of exploration and adventure.
Upcoming Trips

Senegal, March 2019

Date: March 2019

Lodging: More information coming soon…

Price: More information coming soon…

Previous Trips

Provence, France (Club Med Opio en Provence) – June 2018

Marrakesh, Morocco (Club Med La Palmeraie) – May 2017

Corsica, France (Club Med Sant’Ambroggio Corsica)– May 2016

Guadeloupe (Club Med La Caravelle) – May 2015

Martinique (Club Med Les Boucaniers) – October 2014

*Alliance Française d’Atlanta reserves the right at all times to cancel all or part of the tour and refund appropriate monies paid by the participant, without further liability. For this reason, we strongly encourage participants to not make non-refundable travel reservations until we have confirmed that the tour will take place.