French American Photographer Virginie Kippelen Presents “Lost in Sight” Exhibition

Hapeville City Hall 3468 North Fulton Avenue, Hapeville, GA, United States

Virginie Kippelen is a French-American photographer who moved from France to Atlanta in 1991. This October, as part of the Atlanta Celebrates Photography festival, her exhibition "Lost in Sight" is on display for the first time. From now through October 31st, visit Virginie Kippelen's immersive exhibition of pictures of the Flint River headwaters in an industrial container turned art space next […]

Clyde Chabot: A Soldier’s Daughter

White Hall 208 301 Dowman Dr, Atlanta, GA, United States

Friday, March 18, at 8pm : A Soldier’s Daughter - White Hall 208 « My father is military, a low ranking soldier. Here I am humorously questioning how this may have affected my personality. The text searches more widely the world of the army, apparently so far from the theatre, its social, familiar and intimate […]

Clyde Chabot: CHICAGO-reconstitution (in French)

Math Science Building N306 400 Dowman Dr, Atlanta, GA, United States

Saturday, March 19, at 7pm : CHICAGO-reconstitution (in french) - Math Science Building N306 CHICAGO-reconstitution is the story by Clyde Chabot of the premature birth of her daughter, in the United States in 2002. The medical world, the worries, the joys and the potentials associated with the birth of this fragile being suddenly arise in […]