Bastille Day

Monday, April 20th | Midtown

Join us for a reading of Joseph Incardona’s newest book!

The late 80s was a high time for winners. Capitalism and its champions, the Golden Boys of international finance, had won the Grand Slam: the eastern bloc had collapsed, money was flooding around the world in all directions. Everything was merchandized: bodies, women, power… even happiness. A new world was being invented, based on algorithms and GMOs. But when you dangle the possibility of joining the elite in front of the hoi polloi, it’s still an illusion.

Geneva, 1989: Svetlana, an ambitious banking executive, meets Aldo, a tennis teacher and occasional gigolo. They fall in love and want more: more money, more power, more fame. And so they prepare meticulously for a daring act that should change the course of their lives. But they don’t realize that they are just puppets whose strings are being pulled by bigger, smarter, fiercer players than themselves. Coveting powerful people’s money is risky business. And for financial sharks, love is not considered a safe investment. Aldo and Svetlana haven’t got a chance.

Ambitiously plotted for maximum suspense, and in a sharply honed writing style; Joseph Incardona analyzes the causes and consequences of grasping for money to achieve power. From Switzerland to Mexico via Corsica, he paints an epic portrait, a veritable human comedy with characters roiling with hope, greed, and dissatisfaction.

About the Author:

Joseph Incardona, 50, a Swiss with Italian roots, is the author of a dozen novels, he also writes screenplays and graphic novels, and is a playwright and filmmaker (having made a feature film in 2013 and several shorts). His most recent books, Derrière les panneaux, il y a des hommes (“There Are Men Behind the Signs”, Finitude 2015), Crime Fiction Grand Prix, and Chaleur (“Heat”, Finitude 2017), Switzerland’s French-Language Crime Fiction Prize, have been both critical and popular successes. 


Alliance Française d’Atlanta – Midtown

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Monday, April 20, 2020