Local immersion trips are the way to go!

As a simulation of living in a Francophone country, these memorable experiences leave lasting impressions and exemplify the learning by doing approach of teaching while remaining close to home (only a few hours away).

The Alliance Française’s immersion trip instructor & guide will encourage a maximum French participation through conversations, teatime, and games, and patiently be there to help participants if they struggle to find their words. He will also lead the group in pertinent cultural lessons related to the trip itinerary.

This experience is designed with the guests 100% in mind, making sure that this will not only be a wonderful, enriching, relaxing, and enjoyable experience, but also one that is full of learning.

This all-inclusive French Immersion Trip includes: transportation to & from Chattanooga, lodging, 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, a 7-course French dinner & meeting with the Chef “en français”, wine, games, 4 mini French lessons, a tour of the Hunter Museum, a tour of the Rock City Gardens, a unique French-Immersion travel experience of visiting the charming city of Chattanooga.


     Saturday, March 28th:

7:00 am – Leave Atlanta from Lenox Station ($5 parking/day)
9:00am-10:00 am – Breakfast in Chattanooga at Adelle’s French Crêperie
10:30am-11:30 am – Check-In at Airbnb; Free-time; 1st Mini French Lesson
12 :00pm-3 :00 pm – Lunch Downtown at Easy Bistro; Explore the Chattanooga River; Visit the Hunter Museum
3 :00pm-5 :00 pm – Airbnb relaxing; Games; 2nd Mini French lesson
5 :30pm-7 :30 pm – Dinner at La Cabriole (7-course French dinner)

     Sunday, March 29th:

7 :30am – Breakfast at Airbnb “en famille”
8:30am – Check-Out & Leave Chattanooga
9 :00am-10 :30am – Visit Rock City Gardens; 3rd Mini French Lesson
11 :00am – Pick up lunch from Bleu Fox Cheese Shop
11:00am-01:00pm – Road trip music & games in French; 4th Mini French Lesson
01:00pm – Arrive in Atlanta

What to pack:

  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • A nice outfit for dinner
  • Anything you feel you need for staying the night
  • Bring yourself!

You will be staying in this beautiful country home:

About the teacher

About the teacher

Samuel Vernhes is a focused, bilingual French-American educator. He is passionate about food, art, soccer, and music. He has experience teaching in academic settings and continues to tutor and teach French to children and adults at Alliance Française and Atlanta International School. When teaching, Samuel incorporates his personal and professional experiences to enrich his student’s cultural and linguistic understanding. The growth and success of his students inspires him to continue to teach in the future and dream of potential pedagogical possibilities.