Create An Amazing Life With Wellness Practices and the French  joie de vivre !

Paris native, certified yoga therapist and double cancer survivor Elisabeth Perucca leads a 4-session workshop in French, that explores tools you can use to reach a higher level of wellness, vibrancy and clarity. Elisabeth reaches beyond the negative aspects of the pandemic to show how you can refine your daily life so that your whole life becomes the one you most desire. You learn both in the virtual classroom with Elisabeth and from the wisdom you share with other participants. You explore information about the mind-body connection, food, movement and their correlation with wellness, resilience and happiness. Be prepared for four sessions packed with information, introspection, sharing and also many moments of laughter. 

Date : Thursdays | From September 3rd to September 24th 
Time: 6:00-7:30 PM 
Level: B1 and above 
Prices: $160 for members $175 for nonmembers 


Créez une vie extraordinaire avec des pratiques de bien-être et la joie de vivre ! 

Elisabeth Perucca, Parisienne d’origine et yoga thérapeute certifiée, anime un atelier en français composé de quatre sessions pour explorer des outils que vous pouvez utiliser pour avoir plus de vivance et de clareté dans votre vie et atteindre un plus grand bien-être. Double survivante du cancer, Elisabeth propose une manière d’affiner votre vie de tous les jours afin que vous viviez la vie dont vous rêvez malgré les effets négatifs de la pandémie. Vous apprenez à la fois en groupe avec Elisabeth mais aussi en partageant vos expériences avec les autres participants. La connexion corps-esprit, l’alimentation, les mouvements et leur relation avec le bien-être, la résilience et le bonheur sont parmi les thèmes abordés. Prêt(e) pour quatre sessions pleines d’informations, d’introspection, de partage et aussi de joie ? Alors inscrivez-vous ! 

Date : Les jeudis – Du 3 au 24 septembre 
Heure : 18h-19h30 
Niveau : B1 et plus 
Prix : $160 pour les membres$175 pour les non membres 

Meet the host.

Meet the host.

Elisabeth Perucca is a Paris native, a yoga therapist certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapists and a two-times cancer survivor. She was a writer for the corporate world when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, in 2004. It was then that she discovered yoga through  her yoga teacher of 40 years, in Paris. Elisabeth became fascinated by how suppressed emotions find their way in the body. In 2006, she got married and made the big move from Paris to Atlanta. She started teaching her own style of therapeutic yogaYoga for Renewal. In 2014, she divorced, was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time and learned of  her father’s lung cancer diagnosis, all at the same time. She came out on the other side with a clearer vision of her life’s purpose. She added a healing circle at the end of each yoga class. Elisabeth teaches in private sessions, small group classes and workshops, in the U.S. and France.

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