For me, learning French was a process that took place over many years. It seemed as though the minute I started to study French, something else took priority, and so it was put on hold many times. However, I continued to have the vision that one day I would return to it and learn it well, and so I did when I returned to my alma mater, Georgia State University, and entered a graduate study program with French as my major. Fast forward, I received my master’s in French and graduated as one of the more mature members of the graduating class of that year! Prior to this part of my life, I worked as a legal secretary for a large law firm in Atlanta and prior to that I had a successful career in sales. My favorite part of teaching French is in helping others improve their ability to speak this beautiful language. Considering that English is my native language, I can relate to the challenges that non-native French learners face and help them overcome some of these difficulties. I also love to see the passion that most French learners have for their study of the French language and their drive to do it justice and learn it well!