Sabine WALSH


Sabine studied at Sorbonne University in Paris, earning her BA in English with Honors and receiving her certification to teach English at the middle and high school levels before returning to her native Provence to begin her career. Her love for languages and foreign cultures eventually led her to live in Great Britain and the U.S. where she worked as an interpreter, translator, and French teacher before joining the Alliance Française. Sabine has over 20 years of teaching experience in various countries, and her love for the French language and culture is the motivation that permeates her private life in raising her bilingual children.


I have been in Sabine’s class since January 2017, and every minute has been a joy.Sabine demonstrates so many traits that are characteristic of effective teachers. The foundation of each class is her thorough command of, and enthusiasm for, the French language…formal, familiar, and slang(!) and her extensive preparation for each class. Her teaching style is to explain concepts clearly, using a wide variety of examples, details, analogies, metaphors, cultural history, even games and songs…anything to ensure that the lessons are not only understandable but also enjoyable.Sabine is an energetic, self-confident teacher who obviously loves teaching. She is welcoming and approachable; one never feels shy about asking for a further explanation or example. Each class, Sabine encourages us to ask questions (en français, bien sûr!), express ourselves, use the language, and she corrects any mistakes we may make, gently, patiently, and in a respectful manner.

Laura Reilly, Student