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English - French & French-English Translation Available

Certified Translator ( ISIT Paris )

  • Birth Certificates
  • School Transcripts
  • Diplomas
  • Marriage Licences
  • Divorce Decrees
  • Contracts
  • Technical Documents
  • Other

Please be advised that we do not currently offer interpreting services.


When you call 404.875.1211 or email we will begin helping you define the best way to get your document translation project done on time and on budget. Project quotes for translation services are always free. 


FAQ Section

Q: How are your translations priced? How much do you charge per page?

A: All translation charges are calculated on a per-word basis with the rate being determined by the language in question, the turnaround time and the nature of the subject matter. Standard rates are applied to most translations; however, a surcharge of 2¢-5¢ per word may be added to highly technical, industry-specific projects or quick turn-around projects. A minimum charge is applied to translation projects containing fewer than approximately 300 words in the target language. We do not charge for translation services on a per-page basis because of the inherent inconsistency in the number of words per page from one document to another. Differences in fonts, point size, leading, and margins all prevent the practical use of per-page rates for obvious reasons.


Q: Why does Alliance Française have minimum charges for translations?

A: Minimum charges are a translation industry standard. Small translation projects are not economically viable for translators or agencies when priced using a straight per-word calculation method. Our minimum charge is $85.00 to $125.00 depending on project specifics including those that are highly technical, industry-specific projects or quick turn-around projects.


Q: I have been told that I will need a "certified" translation. Can you provide this certification, and if so, how much does it cost?

A: Yes, our translation services are provided by "certified" translators. When a document is being used for immigration, admission to institutions of high learning, or for some legal or "official" purpose, a certified translation is appropriate. We certify our documents by placing a printed statement on the back of each translated page which states that the translation is complete and accurate, to the best of our knowledge. This certification contains that signatures of the department director and a notary public, and is stamped with a raised notary seal. This ensures that the document in question will be accepted as a valid translation for legal purposes. There is no additional charge for this service.

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