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In this advanced, B2-level class students will read, study and discuss a French novel while learning new vocabulary and developing expression in French. This session’s book is ‘Germinal’, a novel by Emile Zola (1885) about the life of mine workers in northern France during industrialization at the end of the XIXth century; extracts from the movie will be used to illustrate this study. 

Students should purchase this edition of the book, purchasable on

Germinal + CD Audio MP3 (B1) (Lff (Lire En Francais Facile)) (French Edition)

ISBN : 978-2-01-155746-9

The price of the book is not included in the tuition, and the Alliance Française will not purchase copies.

Date:  Tuesdays | April 7th to June 9th
Time: 1:00 PM- 2:30 PM
Level: B2 | Advenced
Location: Roswell 

The reduced/early bird price ends March 9th.
Limited number of students: register quickly!

Meet the teacher

Meet the teacher

Véronique Ferry Hering, is a native of Monaco and started teaching French as a foreign language in 2004 after having moved to Atlanta. Previously, she worked for 15 years in France, in large businesses (Carrefour, Xerox, Areva) as a HR Manager. She has a master in Psychology, a graduate degree in Management from the Grenoble University Graduate Business institute, and a degree in Teaching French as a foreign language (DAEFLE) in May 2007, with honors. She is married and have two boys. She is a DELF / DALF Examiner–Scorer accreditation and TCF examiner-scorer accreditation. She loves teaching French because sharing her knowledge and her culture with others is very rewarding. As an instructor, She likes to inspire, support, mentor and get the chance to discover and share.