Nacer, a native of Algeria, worked for more than 30 years in Algeria as Inspector of Finance, then as Judge in the Government Accountability Office (Cour des Comptes), and finally Director of Control and Training, while teaching management control at Algiers University. In 1973, he graduated in economics and finance from the National School of Administration of Algeria (ENA). In 1977, he obtained an MBA in management control and economic development at the University of Paris IX Dauphine. As a former member of the International Organizations of Supreme Audit (INTOSAI), he participated in several seminars around the world. In the United States with his family since 1995, he has worked as a French teacher at the Language Studies Institute, the International School of Palo Alto of the Peninsula (ISTP), and for Palo Alto French Education (PAFEA). Before moving to Alpharetta in June 2019, he was a professor and Menlo Park Center Manager of the Alliance Française of Silicon Valley. His favorite quote is from Albert Camus: « Ma patrie, c’est la langue française. »


Nacer is such a fantastic teacher! With the wealth of knowledge on varied topics (culture, art, language, politics, history etc) that he brings to the table, his lessons are not only informative, but a lot of fun! With him, I especially enjoy getting to know the French culture more closely. Writing essays each week has helped me enrich my vocabulary, and Nacer always encourages us to use idiomatic expressions, and I absolutely love that! He has instilled in me the love for reading French classics and I sincerely thank him for that. 

With Nacer, the class is very lively and enjoyable. He has been instrumental in bringing confidence in us to talk about any topic without the fear of making mistakes. Thank you so much for making the learning of the language such a fun experience! We, as a class, have come a long way with Nacer’s support and encouragement! He is extremely flexible and accommodative and always open to new ideas. His commitment to teaching is commendable and we all admire him for that! Chapeau bas!

Meg Gokhale, Student