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From Wednesday, October 7th To Wednesday, December 16th
Enjoy great movies while strengthening your French! Focused exercises and discussion based on movie viewings help students develop listening and speaking skills, strengthen mastery of grammatical concepts and enrich vocabulary.

1- Les hommes libres (free men): Free men: This is a film that shows real events where the Mosquee in Paris saved the Jews: 1942, Paris is occupied by the Germans. Younes, a young Algerian emigrant who lives on the black market is arrested by the French police who collaborate with the Nazis. Younes agrees to spy on Mosque officials, including the Rector, to issue false documents to Jews and resistance fighters. At the mosque, Younes meets Algerian-born singer Salim Halali. Touched by his voice and his personality, Younes befriends him. He quickly discovers that Salim is Jewish. Despite the risks involved, Younes then puts an end to his collaboration with the police. Faced with the barbarism that surrounds him, Younes, an immigrant worker with no political education, gradually transforms himself into a freedom activist.

2- Viper with the fist adapted in 2004 from the novel by Hervé Bazin of 1948. It is the biographical story of a violent fight between a ten-year-old child against his own mother in a bourgeois family in the 1920s.

3- Les intouchables (2003) : Driss (Omar Sy), a Senegalese man living in a Paris slum, applies for a job as caretaker to a wealthy quadriplegic, but all he wants is to get his paper stamped so he can get benefits. Despite his lack of qualifications, he lands the job because of his attitude: Philippe (François Cluzet), the quadriplegic, wants a caretaker who will look at him without pity. As Driss reluctantly learns to move, feed, and clean Philippe, the two men discover a blunt but vital humor that not only bridges the cultural and class divide between them but gives Philippe a renewed joy in life.

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Meet the teacher

Meet the teacher

Nacer Chambia native of Algeria, worked for more than 30 years in Algeria as Inspector of Finance, then as Judge in the Government Accountability Office (Cour des Comptes), and finally Director of Control and Training, while teaching the management control at Algiers University. In 1973, he graduated in economics and finance from the National School of Administration of Algeria (ENA). In 1977, he obtained an MBA in management control and economic development at the University of Paris IX Dauphine. Former member of International Organizations of Supreme Audit (INTOSAI), he participated in several seminars around the world. In the United States with his family since 1995, he has worked as a French teacher at the Language Studies Institute, the International School of Palo Alto of the Peninsula (ISTP), and for Palo Alto French Education (PAFEA). Before moving to Alpharetta in June 2019, he was a professor and Menlo Park Center Manager of the Alliance Française of Silicon Valley. His favorite citation is from Albert Camus: « Ma patrie, c’est la langue française. »