Jean-Marc AKAKPO


Dr. Jean-Marc Akakpo, at his core, embodies the essence of a global citizen. He grew up across France, Switzerland, and Germany and was already speaking 3 different languages by the young age of 9. After graduating law school, he joined Radio France International (RFI.FR) and TV5 as a reporter in West Africa. His passion for French culture and language moved him not only to create a French show called “Destination Prestige” on Owl Radio while he was a student at Kennesaw State University, USA, but also to teach French to medical doctors and other professionals nationwide for the last several years. Dr. Akakpo has a diverse educational background, having been schooled in Europe (France, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherland, and the UK), Africa (Senegal, Togo), Asia (China and Thailand); and the USA (Penn State, Kennesaw State, Webster University, Georgia State, Yale University). He has earned Masters’ degrees in Public International Law, International Relations and Political Science and holds Doctorates in Political Science and International Conflict Management, Peacebuilding and Development, respectively. He is also a climate change activist, Human Rights and International Affairs Professional and Representative/Member of at the United Nations. When Jean-Marc is not teaching, he enjoys playing soccer, running, traveling, volunteering in his community, and learning new things about the world and humanity for our collective betterment.