L’invitation américaine” is a love story which combines modern American academia, expatriate life, and the influence of Chateaubriand.

As a budding French scholar specializing in romanticism, Marianne obtains a visiting professorship in the United States to study Chateaubriand’s work, “Voyage en Amérique.” During her time at Georgia Global Campus, Marianne connects with Chateaubriand by re-tracing his footsteps in America. The ambitious Marianne faces intimate dilemmas and faces reality.

Will she manage to silence her inner demons and overcome family tragedy? Will she choose love or her career? France or the United States? Will she be ready to regain happiness at the risk of losing herself?

Read the novel, meet the author, and find out.

Date & time: Wednesday, January 15th at 6PM
 Alliance Française d’Atlanta – Midtown