Conversation and Pronunciation (A1)

Sabine’s fun conversation classes cover everyday situations, with a particular focus on improving pronunciation. Learn to recount past activities, meet people and ask questions, describe future (or past) trips. This class provides a great review for students moving from A1 to A2 and will require you to review your passé composé and future tenses.

Mondays, Fridays | From June 15th to June 19th
Time: 10:15-11:10AM
Level: A1 | Beginner 

Conversation and Pronunciation (B1)

Sabine’s B1 conversation class focuses on improving pronunciation, while building conversation skills and developing the ability to discuss important ideas. Learn to discuss current events and react to newspaper articles and radio and video clips, as well as how to express your opinion on a literary text or French song. This class provides a review for students moving from A2 to B1 and requires knowledge of the subjunctive voice.

Mondays, Fridays From July 6th to July 10th
Time: 10:15-11:10AM
Level: B1 | Intermediate

Meet the teacher

Meet the teacher

Sabine Walsh was born in Provence and is a Provençale at heart. She studied at Sorbonne University in Paris, earning her BA in English, with Honors.  Receiving her certification to teach English at the middle and high school levels, she returned to her native Provence to begin her career. Her love for languages and foreign cultures led her to live in both Great Britain and the U.S. before permanently settling in the U.S. where she worked as an interpreter and translator, and French teacher at the high school and adult education levels prior to joining Alliance

Française. Sabine has over 20 years of teaching experience in various countries, and her love for the French language and culture is the motivation that permeates her private life in raising her bilingual children.