We invite you to join us on April 19 at 7:00pm for a Tour of African Cuisine and fundraising evening, with music entertainment provided by Franco-Congolese singer Mamido.

The evening will be a preview of next year’s Gala celebrating 10 years of Africa Belle!

Get ready for an exclusive African dining experience lead by Chef Gisele Makani.
Chef Makani, specializes in African cuisine from various parts of Africa and brings home favorites to a culinary delight. Her favorite recipes are inspired from the Democratic Republic of Congo, where she is originally from. Chef Makani also owns a catering company, Shaloom Catering. She works with all types of budget, aiming to revolutionize African cuisine while highlighting its traditional spices and taste. With her food, your taste buds will be pleasantly surprised!


Mbika (Pumpkin seeds cake/patty)

Vinaigrette sauce
Fried yucca 

Mosaka (Smoked chicken in tomato sauce) 

Coconut rice and sweet plantains
Sautéed spinach

Mikate (Congolese beignets)

Dégue topped with tropical fruits (Dégue: African yogurt)