Classes and Teachers:

“I also noticed that French helps with the GRE verbal section- I am applying to phd programs and have to take GRE. But a lot of the words I can remember because of what they are in French!”

Erica Felker-Kantor – Consultant To CDC (July 2014)


“I wanted to send a quick email to thank you and all the staff at AF for doing such a fantastic job! I am currently a student in Chantal Lawson’s Thursday evening class (102)and Chantal really is just the best instructor I could have asked for! I took her 101 class last term and I could tell right away she wasn’t just a native speaker,but a true educator. My classmates and I fell in love with her delightful demeanor and caring approach to teaching a foreign language.I was so happy when 4 of my 101 classmates walked into the room on Thursday evening for our 102 class. We laughed we were Chantal’s entourage. 

My point in sending this email is mainly to thank you and everyone at AF for
such a pleasant and fun experience.

I plan to continue learning French to full fluency.

Merci beaucoup!”

– Avery Guynn Vice President, Director of Marketing, Universal Merchant Services (Fall 2009)


“After 2 years of study at Alliance Française, I pursued an MBA degree in Paris, France and was able to take courses in French with confidence. Thanks to the Alliance Française network, I was also able to continue my studies in Paris after my arrival. The tailored-approach of Alliance
 Française is great, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of the French language and culture in a friendly no stress environment.”

– Oliver Whit , Ernst and Young, Paris


“I definitely feel that my time in the Alliance Française French class here at CDC has been time well spent.  In a short amount of time we’ve managed to cover a lot of material.  The teacher has been fantastic.  She is able to challenge students for whom this class is a review while keeping us true beginners up to speed.  I am particularly grateful to have a class that also includes a lot of practice speaking but not at the expense of well-explained grammar.”

– Ina Groeger, ORISE Fellow, DVH  (Nov 2008)


“I just returned from a month in Chad and want to thank Alliance Française d’Atlanta for the excellent French language instruction which allowed me to engage in routine conversations. I have unsuccessfully tried to learn French for many years using a variety of methods and instructors. The excellent teaching materials and methods at Alliance Française d’Atlanta enabled me to transition at long last from simple greetings to basic conversation.

Thank you again for finally putting me on the road to fluency in French.”

– RADM Ali S. Khan, MD MPH
Assistant Surgeon General (USPHS)
Deputy Director, National Center for Zoonotic, Vector-borne, and Enteric Diseases
 Coordinating Center for Infectious Diseases. DHHS/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


“Rarely, we take a moment to thank those who impact our lives positively. The moment is here. If I am to evaluate my class, YOU are one of the best educators I have had in my past years of higher education.
You make the class a fun but a learning environment. If I evaluate my understanding of “Francais” today vs yesterday, I know more than what I thought. It is because of your method, your “repeter” & “ecouter” and your supporting smile when you see us stuck. I hope my sense of humor does not distract us from our goal in learning!
 Thank you for your dedication & being the good teacher you are.”

– Nosi Taheri. Student. (Feb 2008)


“You are a wonderful teacher and I thoroughly enjoy your French teaching. I saw a French movie “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” a few days ago. Though the only French words I can catch in the movie are “s’il vous plait” and “très bien”, I do feel my experience at Alliance Française brings me closer to French culture.”

– Xin Chen. Student.(Feb 2008)


“I’m in the 06, near Nice, Cagnes-sur-Mer, and I  can  speak well enough French to do everything myself,  even dealing with  “fonctionaires”  and taking sailing lessons in  French only,  I’m also learning the nautical vocabulaire. (Drisse, hauban, étai, etc…)
I’m about to finish the course offered by the French goverment, and people say I made a lot of progress. I believe it’s thanks to the good foundation I got from the Alliance, so thanks ‘y’all’! Greetings !”

– Jorge Picabea

Loire Valley Trip:

“Traveling through lovely rural areas, visiting castles rich in history,
 strolling through medieval towns, combined with exposure to daily living in 
a farm area (weekly market, cheese production) provides a lovely way to
 visit the Loire Valley. What makes this particular trip extra special is
 the personal attention received and the welcoming accommodations at Galmer.”

– Virginia Ubik


“This trip was a unique opportunity to live with a French family and to enjoy
 a rural experience as well as all the great excursions that were so
 carefully planned. The group was small enough to get to know everyone. They
 were all interesting and we shared a love of French culture.”

– Roberta Griffin


April in Paris Trip:

“I had a wonderful time! I’ll always remember my first time here in Paris ! Can’t wait til the next time.”

– Beryl Barnes, Turner Broadcasting, Marietta GA


“I had a wonderful 1st visit in Paris! You are great at what you do.”

– Nicole Lewis, CARE, Duluth GA


“This tour was simply magnificent. It was extremely well planned, touching on some very unique points of interest. Count me in on future tours. Thanks for a great experience.”

– Lynn Fowler, Fulton County Gov., Decatur GA


“This trip has been a very nice experience, unique, informative. Looking forward to the next one- I’m already working on my French!”

– Barbara Hubbard, City of Atlanta Gov.,  Mabelton GA


“This trip / tour has been unsurpassably wonderful. I am still ‘recovering’ from our amazing, exhilarating and exhausting tour of Jazz Paris! Obse I would like to say again that you and Peri did an outstanding job of putting together a really unique and personalized tour. You have been an excellent guide. Merci mille Fois. Thank you both for such a great job as tour planners and guides. Even the quirky things—a la the ‘bus lady’ made this tour very special. I had a great time.”

– Valerie Henry, Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, Atlanta GA


Proficiency Exams:

“It made my day and gave me an immense feeling of accomplishment…

Thank you, also, for allowing me the opportunity to earn the diploma by sitting the DELF.  I know it takes extra time and work to make the arrangements for a student that is not a weekly part of your educational program there in the Atlanta area.  Thank you, more than I can express, for the extra time, effort, and staffing to allow me to have a shot at success on the DELF.”

– Eva Buchanan Cates (July 2014)

“The B1 is my next goal… I am glad to have the opportunity to take the exams at AF–it is good to have milestones to work toward.”

 – Lisa A. Grohskopf (July 2014)

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