What is Alliance Française?
It is a world-wide nonprofit network devoted to promoting French language and cultures.
 Its World Headquarters is based in Paris, France (www.alliancefr.org).
Why learn French?

Many non-native French speakers simply like French for the way it sounds, for the culture, food and everything else that goes with it, for the good time they spent studying, working or traveling in French-speaking countries, or for the random or life-long romance that still brings tears in their eyes.

In addition, learning a second language has been proven to boost brain power. It develops the area of the brain which processes information in the same way exercise builds muscles. You may even have your own reason, but actually, you don’t really need one, you can do it just for fun!

Why choose the Alliance Française d'Atlanta?

The Alliance Française d’Atlanta is the premier provider of French language and culture in Atlanta since 1912.
 It is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization which means it focuses on fulfilling its mission, not in making commercial profit.

AF is not just a service provider. It is a membership-based organization so anyone can join and help it grow. All levels of involvement are welcome: member, student, volunteer, donor, committee member, board member, etc. 
It is more than just a simple school. It provides the complete experience by offering a wide variety of cultural and social events including lectures, concerts, art exhibits, films and dinners.

French language courses are offered year-round and emphasize conversational French.
 All AF teachers are experienced and professionally trained. 
The Alliance Française has no political or religious affiliation and welcomes students, members, and volunteers of any age, sex, creed, race, color, sexual orientation, and national or ethnic origin.

If the Alliance Française is a nonprofit, why do you charge for services?

Our status of 501(c)3 gives us exemption from federal taxes and qualifies us as a nonprofit organization. Our activities and services are offered for the purpose of serving the community and fulfilling our mission. However, it is necessary to charge for most services in order to cover overhead costs which keep us in operation.

In order to continue to grow and improve our service to the community, we depend on grants, donations, student enrollment and membership dues.

I have had French before. How do you know which level is right for me?

In that case, we recommend taking our free placement test.

This written placement test will take 10 minutes to complete and is in 2 parts. Once you have completed your test please share your results with the Alliance Française d’Atlanta. We can then schedule an oral evalution over the phone or in person with our Education Department, which can recommend a class to fit your level and needs. 

How much do your classes cost?

We offer a large variety of classes with varying tuition prices. You many view the pricing of our current class offerings here. Please note that the tuition price for our classes do not include the following fees: 

$15 – All new students pay a one-time, non-refundable first-time registration fee

$65 – Textbook Fee (for numbered classes)

AF Membership – All students must be a member of Alliance Française d’Atlanta

How long will it take for me to become fluent?

Learning a foreign language is a long process. Achieving fluency requires a various amount of time depending on a number of factors such as: your motivation, the time you can spend on your French outside your classes, your natural ability for foreign languages etc.

That said, using the CEFR levels we estimate the following number of hours to arrive at the following levels:

A1 – Generally 80-100 hours to master this level
A2 – Generally 100-120 hours to master this level
B1 – Generally 150-180 hours to master this level
B2 – Generally 200-250 hours to master this level
C1 – Generally 250-300 hours to master this level
C2 – 300+ hours, requires a linguistic development of a varying number of hours.

Are your classes officially credited?
No. You will not get any credit from Alliance Française d’Atlanta toward any degree. There is no exam to move from one level to the next. Students who attend their classes regularly generally move up. You can repeat a class should you feel that you are not at the right level.