Introducing our new Wine Education Series!

What is wine? We know it is a beverage, but it is also much more: it is the product of thousands of years of culture, and it is a way of life, especially in France. This is what students will learn about in this class, which includes learning wine’s intriguing history, how it is made, its etiquette, how to taste it, how to pair it with food, and why it is an intrinsic part of the French culture.
This course includes 4-thematic classes and includes a tasting at the end of each class.

This series will be led by French wine expert Tim Willard, the Eastern Regional Manager of European Cellars.
No knowledge of French is necessary.

Register for:


Class #1 – 01/30/19 (MID)

Class #2 – 04/24/19 (MID)

Class #3 – 07/31/19 (MID)

Class #4 – 10/30/19 (MID)



Class #1 – 02/27/19 (ROS)

Class #2 – 05/29/19 (ROS)

Class #3 – 08/28/19 (ROS)

Class #4 – 11/20/19 (ROS)